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Mulch Manufacturing

We manufacture the highest quality of raw material available from surrounding areas in NC. Our quality stays the same throughout each load received. We use the latest grinding and screening equipment.


mobile grinding & screening

We offer commercial grinding and screening services for municipalities and other companies.


wood recycling

Grinding yard waste and wood waste to make wood fuel products. This fuel is delivered to cogeneration plants to produce energy. This service is just a part employing our mission statement into every part of our business.


Todco inc. Wholesales services

We wholesale our products
throughout NC to landscapers,
garden centers and nurseries.
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Recycling wood waste & making mulch products since 1991.

It is vital to our environment that we all do our part in keeping the recycling programs going in the future.

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Mulch Products

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Mulch Products
We manufacture a full line of mulch products.

Some of the products offered are double shredded hardwood, single shredded hardwood, pine nuggets, pine mulch, cedar mulch and our own Carolina Harvest red & brown dyed mulch.

We also offer pine fines and soil conditioner for planting needs.

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