Wood Chips, Lexington, NC

We have beautiful wood chips available to fit all of your needs.

When you are planning out the landscaping of your property, you will want to consider not only what looks good, but also how everything functions. You not only want the property to look amazing, but you will want it to be as easy to maintain as possible to save yourself from hours and hours of unnecessary work. A great place to start is to consider adding wood chips to your plan for spaces that will not be covered in grass. Wood chips can be used in flower beds, to line walkways, around trees, and even in areas with a play set or playground. Wood chips will add natural beauty to your project, but they will also add a function that just can’t be beat.

Wood Chips in Lexington, North Carolina

Wood chips are very functional. They help hold in moisture, so the ground stays nice and damp. This will help plants grow and thrive because the soil will not dry out. Wood chips also help keep the weeds at bay and prevent them from growing as quickly. You will not have to spend as much time weeding if you have wood chips in your flower beds. Another great function of wood chips is to help make the ground soft. This is beneficial when you are putting in a playground. Wood chips add a little bit of cushion to the ground to keep it soft to play on. They also help keep down dust and keep the playground looking neat and tidy.

If you are considering adding wood chips to your landscaping project in Lexington, North Carolina, contact us at Todco today. We have beautiful wood chips made from recycled wood that will be perfect for your project. We can help you decide what type of wood chips are best for your project, and we can help you calculate how much you will need. We also can deliver them to your property.