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Our green waste measures benefit the environment in many ways.

When most of us think of waste handling, we realize that most waste ends up in landfills. If you want to reduce the adverse effect of waste on our environment, you’ll be happy to learn that at Todco, we agree with the importance of doing that and have been a vital part of the green waste movement since 1991.

Green Waste in Lexington, North Carolina

One of the ways to protect our planet is to leave as many trees growing as possible. Trees and other vegetation remove carbon dioxide and emit clear air, thereby reducing the greenhouse gas effect. Wood recycling is a green waste measure that turns wood waste into something useable, foregoing the need to harvest trees for those uses.

Another benefit of green waste is that construction and yard waste are kept out of landfills, where they can take quite some time to decompose. Our facility utilizes several processes to make fuel and mulch products, as well as compost and nursery mix, from what would typically end up burned or in a landfill.

When you consider all the positives of using green waste, such as water conservation achieved with mulch use in your landscaping and the good feeling of knowing you are making a positive step to reduce deforestation of our planet, we are confident you will want to learn more about our mulch products for sale.

Contact us today to learn about green waste, such as cedar mulch, wood chips, and our other mulch products for use at your Lexington, North Carolina home or commercial property, or to utilize in your landscaping business.