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We are passionate about our commitment to recycling and our clients.

We at Todco have several processes at our facility. We grind yard waste, wood waste, and tree bark to make fuel and mulch products. We have a coloring system to make color enhanced mulch, like Carolina Harvest, and a screening system to make compost and nursery mix like Pine Fines. Our commitment to our craft is one that is evident in our longevity and passion for our work. Having been privileged to serve the Lexington, North Carolina area since 1991, we want to provide you with quality materials without utilizing forestry whenever possible.

About Todco in Lexington, North Carolina

We have been a staple of the area for many years now and look forward to many more. Our commitment is to our customers to supply the best quality products available, whether that is wood mulch, wood fuel, or stone and rock products. Because we have a variety of products that will beautify your outdoor space, we are confident that you will find something you love when you visit our facility.

We are committed to recycling waste into useful products. Our mulch products that we produce are a vital source to plant and root growth by monitoring moisture to the ground around the plants. We are able to create wood fuel, and we can help prevent weeds and create beautiful hardscapes with our rock and stone options.

For years now, we have been utilizing wasted wood materials and transforming them into something useful. Just like our list of products has expanded, our services have also grown to include grading, recycling, manufacturing and more. We would love to tell you more about our business and invite you to contact us today.

We will be closed Monday, May 27 in honor of Memorial Day.

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