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We can help you keep your trees and plants happy with quality topsoil / soil conditioner.

At Todco, we are committed to providing all of our customers in Lexington, North Carolina and the surrounding areas with high-quality landscaping material. When you plan out your landscaping and pick and choose which trees, bushes, shrubs, plants, and flowers you want to use, it is easy to get excited and want to jump right into planting. But we know that what makes all of your plants happy is to have nice, nutrient-rich soil for them to grow in. The better the soil, the better the plants will do. This is why we have quality topsoil available for all of your landscaping projects. Our topsoil is not just plain dirt like most topsoils out there, the difference is our topsoil is considered more of a soil conditioner. It is made by using organic material such as bark, land clearing debris that decomposes. It is then screened to make a natural soil additive. A lot of our clients use this in their gardens as an additive to their existing soil. Whether you are landscaping your own personal property or a commercial property, the kind of soil you plant in will make a huge difference.

Topsoil in Lexington, North Carolina

We offer high-quality topsoil / soil conditioner that we will deliver right to your property. We guarantee that using our topsoil will make a big difference and help your plants grow. When you plant things directly into the existing soil they really can struggle. There may not be enough nutrients in the soil, the pH levels in the soil could be off, or many other problems can occur. This can prevent plants from growing, and you could end up spending a lot of money on plants that just end up dying. When you add a layer of topsoil to the existing soil and mix it all together, it gives the soil the nutrients it needs and helps balance everything out. This makes for ideal growing conditions. Your plants will flourish and will look wonderful.

If you are interested in topsoil for your landscaping project, contact us today. We will answer all of your questions and help you determine what type of topsoil will work best for you. We can also help calculate how much topsoil you will need. We offer delivery services, and we will deliver right to your property.

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