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We have quality landscape gravel that will be perfect for your next project.

When you are working on a landscaping project for your Lexington, North Carolina property, you want a plan that will not only be functional, but that will look beautiful as well. You will want to add something that will break up all of the grass and plants to provide visual interest that will blend in with the landscaping and look natural. A great way to accomplish this is to use landscape gravel. Gravel not only looks wonderful and natural, but it adds visual interest to any landscaping project. Gravel will make areas look and feel tidy and well-planned-out. Gravel is the perfect material to use for garden paths, around trees and shrubs, and can even be used instead of concrete on an RV pad or on a walkway. Gravel looks beautiful, tidy, and natural and will enhance the look of any property.

Landscape Gravel in Lexington, North Carolina

At Todco, we offer many types of quality landscape gravel that will be perfect for your project. We have different types available, such as pea gravel, wash stone, and river rock. We can help you determine which type of gravel will be best for your project and calculate how much you will need. We offer gravel by the yard, by the ton, or in skids. So, no matter how much gravel you need, we have you covered. Our gravel will not only look great on your property, but it will also be functional as well. Gravel will keep the weeds down and will prevent them from growing where you do not want them to.

If you would like to learn more about landscape gravel or about what types of gravel we have available, feel free to visit our facility. We can tell you about the different types of gravel we have available and show you exactly what they look like. We can find the perfect gravel for your project and can set up a delivery time that is convenient for you. You will be amazed at how great gravel will look on your property and at how neat and tidy it will keep it.

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