Which Landscaping Products Are Right for Your Project? [infographic]

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Whether you have a large or small outdoor project planned, having the right landscaping products to complete the job is critical. Do you need to choose something that helps with water erosion, or are you looking for something that offers plant protection and a nice finishing touch?

Which Landscaping Products Are Right for Your Project?

  • Mulch- Mulch comes to mind for countless landscaping projects because of its affordability and versatility. The thing is, not all mulch is the same. For example, some mulch is better for protecting plants against winter frost, while other types are ideal for deterring weeds and helping plants filter water more efficiently. Mulch landscaping products come in different shapes, sizes, and quantities, so you can choose something that meets your budget and scope of your landscaping project. 
  • Stone- Rock and stone are landscaping products that are also very versatile. Especially if you want to have a specific finished look, you can choose stone and rock aggregate that offers practical use and a beautiful end result. Using smaller aggregates is ideal for filler projects such as pathways and walkways, while larger rocks can be used as borders or decorative features as part of a hardscape. 
  • Amended Soil- Having great amended soil is necessary for any landscape, but it’s important to also choose good-quality amended soil. Among landscape products, amended soil is easily one of the most useful, as it can be used to fill large holes, level landscapes after grading, and also provide nutrients for new plants.

Which Landscaping Products Are Right for Your Project?

If you’re shopping for landscaping products for an upcoming project, make sure to talk with us at Todco about our available materials. We carry a great selection of mulch, rock, stone, and amended soil to meet your needs.