What Does Good Topsoil Look Like?

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Native topsoil is the top 4-12 inches of natural soil that helps provide plants with nutrients and proper drainage, and it often has its own microbiome and native organisms. When this layer has been disturbed or removed during any kind of landscaping project, it’s important to come back with a new layer of topsoil to ensure the longevity of any changes that have been made.

What Does Good Topsoil Look Like?

If you need to purchase topsoil, the type you buy will often depend on the application. For example, if you are planning to use topsoil under a pathway or walkway, you may want a specific mix that will encourage proper drainage. Alternatively, topsoil for a garden bed should have more organic matter that will provide vital nutrients and protection for newly installed plant life.

There are often many different topsoil varieties to choose from, so selecting something in person is often a good bet. This is especially true if you plan to purchase topsoil and other aggregate products in bulk because it can save you time and money on your project.

There are a few ways to identify high-quality topsoil:

  • Its coloration resembles ground coffee beans
  • The soil is loose and crumbly, with an even mix of sand, clay, and organic matter
  • Rocks, roots, and weeds have been removed through a thorough screening process

If you want to make sure to purchase topsoil that won’t disappoint, make sure to shop in bulk with us here at Todco. We have many bulk aggregate products to help make any landscaping project go smoothly, and we’ll be happy to recommend mulch, topsoil, and stone to meet your needs. Contact us today for an estimate!