Unleashing the Power of Landscape Gravel

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Landscape gravel has several benefits that make outdoor spaces more functional and attractive, while adding a unique spin to your landscaping plan. At Todco, our landscape gravel options give you a natural look that blends with your plants and requires little maintenance. Check out the benefits of using landscape gravel below, and then give our team a call.

Unleashing the Power of Landscape Gravel

  1. Gravel is easy to manage. Landscape gravel saves you time, energy, and money when caring for your yard, since there is little else to do once it’s set up. And since it makes it harder for weeds to grow, you also save time. Our team can even help design your space so it meets your needs.
  2. Gravel is great for drainage. Rock improves drainage, since water can easily pass through it. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for near foundations, along paths, or in garden beds. Landscape gravel keeps water from building up, so there is less chance of water damage or soil loss.
  3. Gravel is versatile. Landscape gravel can be used on paths, roads, or patios and around garden features, among other places. With so many types, colors, and gravel sizes to choose from, you can make different textures, designs, and visual effects to match your landscaping style. Stop by today to talk with our team about our selection.
  4. Gravel is fire-resistant. Gravel can be a non-flammable barrier to slow or stop the spread of fires. Using gravel as a firebreak can help protect your property in places where fires are likely to start.

When you choose landscape gravel for your design, you can get all these benefits and more. Our team can help you create the landscape design of your dreams using our natural and recycled materials. Call or stop in today to learn more.

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