Transform Your Outdoor Areas with Quality Landscaping Products

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When planning and performing a landscaping project, it is vital to have proper landscaping products for the desired outcome. Rock, stone, mulch, and soil can all be crucial to a successful project. At Todco, we offer a wide range of these landscaping products and the support of our experts for those pursuing a project of their own in the Lexington, North Carolina area.

Transform Your Outdoor Areas with Quality Landscaping Products

We have a wide variety of natural stone and rock options from small various pea gravel offerings to large rip rap options, as well as a variety of river rock and other stone products that come in a range of sizes and colors. Additionally, we offer finer products like sand and screenings as well as top soil to provide a great start to gardening and yard landscaping projects.

Mulch is another important product used in landscaping projects. We offer many types of mulch in a variety of colors, suited to various applications, as well as pine needles and straw. Mulch plays a big role in helping to maintain a landscape that is healthy and easier to maintain. It improves the appearance of landscaped areas as well as helping to conserve water and provide weed control. Mulch helps keep plants healthy and looking their best.

We take the byproducts from sawmills via our wood recycling services and turn them into useful landscaping products. We stand by the quality of our products and are committed to making sure our customers are happy. Give us a call today and get your next landscaping project underway!