There are Many Benefits of Wood Recycling

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Wood recycling is a valuable service that has many benefits beyond those one might initially think about. There are obvious environmental benefits, like reducing greenhouse gasses, but the benefits extend beyond those and include:

  • Creating new products from recycled wood, which cuts manufacturing costs
  • Reducing the price of products due to the lower manufacturing costs
  • Lower moisture levels because the reclaimed wood has had time to dry completely
  • The production of manure-like humus, which can be a rich source of nutrients for plants

There are Many Benefits of Wood Recycling

  • Reducing the risk of fire associated with wood and wood products lying around
  • Producing gasses from biomass via the gasification process to provide an energy source
  • Reduced waste in landfills and less deforestation and destruction of precious forests
  • Green construction using fiberboard and other products made from recycled wood

As our society shifts its focus more and more toward sustainability and greener options, wood recycling will become an increasingly valuable service. It is a vital service that offers many benefits and essentially no drawbacks. It is an obvious choice for those conscientious about their environmental impact.

At Todco, we offer wood recycling services in the Lexington, North Carolina area. We encourage our community to engage in this sustainable and valuable process. If you are interested in becoming greener or are just in need of some cleanup and removal of waste wood, including pallets, we are happy to assist you with those needs. We take the waste wood and turn it into valuable mulch as well as providing it to companies that produce fuel or other products.