Stone Choice Can Make or Break your Outdoor Living Space

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When landscaping, there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to what materials to use. And, within your chosen material, there can be different variations. Stone is a good example; it can be used in gardens and recreational areas for purely aesthetic reasons but can also offer other benefits depending on the application. It can even be used to address erosion and drainage problems while improving the overall appearance of your space.

Transform Your Outdoor Areas with Quality Landscaping Products

Many people want to create useful and visually interesting outdoor recreational spaces that might include rock walls, fire pits, pathways, and other stone accents. There are a wide variety of stone types to choose from that can suit the various applications and help create the desired impact. Stone can be used to create separation and boundaries in a decorative garden, as well as helping to protect and insulate plants, and in whatever application it is used, it offers low maintenance requirements, which is a perk for most people.

Drainage problems can lead to dangerous, slippery situations as well as pest problems, like mosquitoes. The application of stone can help remedy these problems as well as address other unsightly erosion and runoff issues. At Todco, we offer a wide variety of stone products in the Lexington, North Carolina area that can be used in a myriad of applications. We are happy to advise customers on what stone suits their desired use and provide high-quality materials for them. Give us a call today for all your stone needs!